early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Release - Really Shouldn't Be That Hard

I've really been struggling with the ongoing object graph simplification work (#1525) this week. I'm still stuck on the rewrite of parts of the sweep algorithm, which I was already working on the week before. I'm down to what should be one last problem (at least I hope).

a mangled model that should actually be a nice, cylindrical sweep

This should be a cylindrical model, but instead it is totally mangled. I think I understand the problem (the coordinate systems of coincident curves don't match), but there are some subtleties to the solution. In my first few attempts, any fix I tried broke something else.

This is frustrating, because this really shouldn't be that hard. But it is hard, because of the unnecessary complexity of the object graph. The very thing I'm working on fixing. This shows how important that simplification work is.

Meanwhile, @mxdamien had made a very important improvement: Panics in the model code no longer crash the app!


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