early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Release - Ostensibly Quiet

Ostensibly, this has been a quiet week. Not many pull request, not many commits. But behind the scenes, the object graph simplification work (#1525) has been ongoing. Some improvements related to that have made it into the repository this week, but most of it is still blocked by unsolved problems.

I wrote a short update about that. The short version is, my work simplifying the object graph has been hampered by the complexity of the object graph. Technical debt protecting itself, in a way. At the moment, I'm still looking into ways to solve the specific problems, but it might become necessary to pause this, and try to approach the object graph simplification from another angle.

Meanwhile, @tmayoff has made some very welcome improvements in the GUI, while @Philipp-M has updated Fornjot's Nix flake.


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