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Weekly Release - In The Weeds

I had hoped to get back on track with working on the union operation (#42), or rather the bug that is currently blocking that (#1162), but instead I got sucked deeper into cleanups. I was running into some trouble with the partial object API, which had turned into a bit of a mess in the wake of the recent robustness improvements (#1249), so I went off and made some improvements there.

It's probably for the better. Piling on more hacks to get the union operation done a bit quicker wouldn't make anything better. I'll still do my best to not let myself get distracted too much. Cleaning up stuff that stands in the way of what I'm working on is productive. Cleaning up stuff just because it could use some cleaning up... less so.

Meanwhile, @zthompson47 has contributed an improvement to the compatibility check that happens when loading models.


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