early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Release - Ready to Fix

I've been continuing my new strategy of working on both the big-picture priority (the union operation, #42) and smaller tasks with more immediate pay-off, in parallel. I'm happy with the results so far!

I finished #1021 and have started to work on #1162, which is a bug that blocks further progress on the union operation. There's hope that I can fix this bug relatively quickly, but I'm going to write new validation code to do that, and that new validation code might uncover previously unknown issues. So we'll see how all that goes.

On the "small tasks" side of things, I've made some quality of life improvements in the app. Check below for details!

And in addition, @erenoku has contributed a small but important improvement: A timestamp is now shown for each status message!


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End-user improvements

Improvements to Fornjot and its documentation that are visible to end users.

Ecosystem improvements

Improvements to Fornjot components that are relevant to developers building on top of those. These have an indirect effect on end users, through fixed bugs and improved robustness.





Internal Improvements

Improvements that are relevant to developers working on Fornjot itself.