early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W13

It's been a slow week, as I was busy dealing with the fallout from my broken office PC. Good news is, I managed to get my data (including some Fornjot work-in-progress) off of it, and managed to pick up right where I left off the week before, making some progress on #105.

In other news, @hendrikmaus continued his work of automating the release process. I hope to test this out soon, as a new release is overdue, in my opinion.


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End-user improvements

Improvements to the Fornjot application, the API for creating models, and documentation.

Ecosystem improvements

Improvements to the Fornjot ecosystem that are relevant to developers who are building on top of Fornjot components.


Internal Improvements

Improvements that are relevant to developers working on Fornjot itself.

Issue of the Week

Do you enjoy playing with unsafe Rust code? There's a tiny bit of it in Fornjot, and while it seems to be sound, it's leaking memory!

If that sounds like a fun introduction to Fornjot to you, maybe give #186 - fj::Sketch is leaking memory a try!


Now that I'm back in my groove, I expect some more progress on #105. I think it shouldn't take too much longer to wrap that up, but of course there's always the possibility for surprises. Next, I plan to continue #141, which I hope I can finish quickly.

After that, I plan to put out a new release of all Fornjot crates. It's been a while since the last one!