early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Weekly Dev Log - 2022-W06

It's been another productive week of Fornjot development! On a high level, my priority right now is to implement constructive solid geometry (CSG) operations. This requires a lot of refactoring and clean-up first, and I keep finding myself in this recursive mode of having to first tackle another clean-up, before I can wrap up the current one. A requires B, requires C, required D, ...usually I'm finding myself 5 layers down that chain before I hit on something that I can actually implement right now.

This is slow-going work, but it's also very satisfying. Every little clean-up I merge, makes the CAD kernel a bit more robust, and better able to handle future requirements. I just need to keep taking these steps, until all the hurdles are out of the way, and I can implement the CSG algorithms themselves.

In other news, new contributor Hendrik Maus did some great work improving the build infrastructure!


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Improvements and fixes


Internal improvements



I managed to finish a lot of clean-ups last week, the big-ticket item being #138. The goal remains to address #97, but I'm aware of a few more clean-ups I need to make before I can tackle this directly. As mentioned above, the last operation that needs to be updated for #97 is the sweep operation, and to do that, I need to add support sweeping curves into surfaces, which is up next. After that, I'm foreseeing the need to make the triangulation code a bit more flexible.

No idea how far I'll get until the next Weekly Dev Log rolls around.