early-stage b-rep CAD kernel, written in Rust

Fornjot 0.47.0

It's the first release since the end of the weekly release schedule!

The big-ticket item this time is the execution of the recent change in focus. This involved moving now deprecated components out of the repository, replace some of them with simpler versions, and improve anything else as required. The biggest chunk of work here was restoring the examples (which were based on the app and other now-removed components).

As a result, the API of fj-core (formerly fj-kernel) has become a lot more convenient and powerful. All the new examples in the repository are using it directly now, instead of through some intermediate high-level API. Improving the fj-core API further is an ongoing process.

Other than that, I've been settling into my new schedule, working on Fornjot in a reduced capacity. I've made sure to stay consistent, still putting a bit of work in every week, and that's working well so far.

Not sure what's next, specifically (figuring that out is actually the next item on my task list), but I'm sure it will mainly involve improving the fj-core API, to make existing models more convenient to write, and enable more powerful models in the future.


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